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A lesson in makeup just for YOU! Let’s customize a look that works for YOUR face shape, YOUR eye shape, YOUR colouring and YOUR level of intensity!

Are you noticing a change in your skin and your makeup isn’t wearing the same? You don’t know what products to use, nothing seems to be working and everything you end up buying ends up being a waste and doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

If this is you, you may benefit from a Makeup and skin care lesson!

Let me show you some great makeup tips and techniques that are absolutely tailored to the look your wanting to achieve. We can take the time to properly assess your skin and it’s concerns and really target it’s needs. I am not selling any particular skincare or makeup, so my recommendations are unbiased. Once we get your skin looking and feeling better, naturally your makeup will start wearing more flawlessly.

Inquire about my makeup & skin care lessons by filling out the form below! The only thing you have to loose is wasting time and money on products that are no longer working for you!… what are you waiting for?